Sunday Service

God calls us to be a loving and growing church reaching out and sharing the Love of Christ in the community. We believe God is calling us to introduce Christ to those we encounter and to nourish them and ourselves in faith through his Word. We invite all adults to join us for a service of music, prayer, and God’s message on Sunday mornings starting each morning at 10:45am. After each service, coffee, juice and a delicious snack is shared in the church courtyard.

Communion Sunday. On the first Sunday of each month we finish regular services with Communion. If you have accepted Christ or are thinking of dedicating your life to Jesus please come share in this special supper with us as we remember our savior. The Wine represents the blood and the bread represents the body.

UMW United Methodist Women

The Women of our church understand the importance of maintaining and developing fellowship among our female members, the community of Huntington Beach and surrounding areas. Their dedication and participation in some of the mostly challenging local and global projects does not go unrecognized and we are encouraged by their ability to expand the body of Christ in our community church. The UMW meet monthly and they encourage all women to attend. If you are looking for prayer, female support and fellowship please stop by the church office or check the events calendar for their next meet up.

UMM United Methodist Men

The Men of our church understand that they hold the role of High Priest in the home. We are a body of Christ that focuses on the Souls of individuals we come in contact with. Each of us believe that we may be able to provide that one life changing moment for someone in their spiritual journey. Understanding that God is the one that changes hearts, minds and actions allows us to be compassionate and supportive to those in need or witnesses to those who believe there must be more to life. We meet every Wednesday morning for the Hour of Power in the Pastors office between 7-8am for fellowship, coffee and the occasional donut. This is a time where men come together, read the Good News, share stories and learn from each other what it means to walk with Jesus in our daily lives. We are not perfect and we encourage all walks of life to join as we become brothers of one.

Messy Church

On the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month from 6-8:30pm we invite church family’s, friends and the surrounding community for a thing we call Messy Church. Led by Pastor Anthony Boger he tackles the tough issues that have the family under attack. The evening starts with a potluck from 6-7 followed by praise and celebration for 30-45 minutes before we dive into the weeks lesson. Lessons are designed to meet the needs of all participants and encourages participation between individuals.

Prayer Warriors

One of the most important positions we have, happens to be our Prayer Warriors team and they meet every Sunday morning at 10am to pray for our Pastor, Church and its members. This group knows that our Pastor and church are always under spiritual attack and with the unity of there prayers they ask God to position and guide us as we continue to create disciples of Jesus Christ.