Congratulations to our Pastor!

This is a video of Pastor Anthony Boger ( Surf City Church UMC) being received into the California-Pacific Conference of the United Methodist Church as a provisional elder on June 14, 2017. This is the next to last step to becoming an elder in full connection.


The Fount


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    Cindy Mendell says

    I immensely enjoyed visiting your church today. I will be coming back again and joining. I think the pastor is one of the most dynamic and down to earth pastors I’ve had the privilege to listen to. I felt joyous and I felt the spirit move me. Thank you for today. I plan on seeing you next Sunday as well. God bless.

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      gsmith says

      Thanks! We love him, too. We look forward to have you worshipping with us again. God bless.

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    Pastor A says

    I am humbled by your kind words Cindy. I look forward to being your pastor and assisting you in your continued spiritual formation. God is rich in mercy and it endures forever. To God be the glory!

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